Galaxy Watch Wireless Charger - Black


Simply power up your smart watch and continue to work.

Package Includes:
x1 Micro USB cable
x1 Samsung Gear Sport / Gear S3 Charger


Indicator change: The indicator will change accordingly with each different charging status. Power on Status - Red light is on. Charging Status - Blue light is on. Fully Charged Status - Green light is on.

Small and Portable: Compact and lightweight Design, this perfect backup charger for Samsung Gear Watch is useful for travelers and business users. Make your life easier and more convenient.

Magnetic Attachment: Built-in magnet secures your Samsung smart watch while charging. The charging speed is same as the OEM charger. Botton plate is with a round of silicone strap to prevent from slipping.

Please Note: This is a third party charger

Compatible with:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm, Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm

Samsung Gear Sport SM-R600 /Gear S3 Frontier / Gear S3 Classic

Please note:
• Third-Party Charger for use with compatible Galaxy Watch devices. Charger is manufactured by a third party, not by Samsung.

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