Huawei P30 Slim Detachable Wallet case - Black

$14.95 $26.95

The wallet leather Huawei P30 case has a very stylish and practical design that protects your expensive smart phone. The Huawei P30 can be detached easily so you can choose to use the wallet or not.

Package contents:

x1 Huawei P30 wallet cover
x1 Lanyard


• Strong Magnetic feature allows you to remove the phone and the cover easily at anytime you like.

• The case shell is made from a high grade silicone; which makes it extremely durable.

• Made from high grade leatherette, making the case super strong and comfortable

• Cut-outs on the case are specially designed for the Huawei P30

• This case contains 4 card slots and 1 side slot.

Compatibility: Huawei P30

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