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iPhone 8 Plus HO3 Screen LCD

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This is an original HO3 iPhone 8 Plus screen with in-cell technology

Original LCD - Our HO3 screen range includes the Original Sharp LCD with brighter colours, whiter whites and darker blacks than any Aftermarket screen available

integrated driver control - Our screen requires only one Integrated Driver Controller IC (IDC) to perform display, touch and 3D touch functions simultaneously, enhancing power efficiency, brightness, colour and contrast

Low power - As expected, standard OOC iPhone 8 Plus Screen uses more power than your Original screen causing more drain on your battery. Amazingly, our HO3 screen has a much lower power consumption due to the single Driver Controller

Perfect illumination - The combination of the LCD and In-Cell System in our screen give Illumination Uniformity. A big side-effect of the OOC screens is there are shadows and dark patches around the edge of the screen

High Quality - Our HO3 screen have been thoughtfully designed and constructed from Superior Quality Materials. This is coupled with rigorous testing procedures to ensure our screens outperform standard screens

Precise machining - The Technicians have meticulously worked to make sure dimensions and cutouts are Accurate to the Original iPhone 8 Plus Screen

In-cell technology - This Screen Includes In-Cell Technology which has the LCD, Touchscreen and 3D Touch in the same Sensor Layer. You don't have to use the cheap Aftermarket Out-Of-Cell Screens (OOC) anymore. No More Delayed Touch or Dull Colours and Shadows around the Edge of the Screen. You can now have your screen close to the Original but without the Hefty Cost

12 Month warranty - Manufacturer fault warranty (part only); Sorry we can not be held responsible for any damage you may do to your device or to the replacement part, guides are for reference only.


Includes: iPhone 8 Plus Screen Repair Tools 
iPhone 8 Plus adhesive
Suits A1864 A1897 A1898 models

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