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Metal Magnetic Glass Case for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Case Built-in Front and Back Screen Protector Cover Clear Tempered Glass Magnetic Absorption Shockproof Cover Case

*Please note: This is made from glass and will shatter if dropped or mishandled. The glass will reduce phone sensitivity, increase phone sensitivity in phone settings;
(Settings -> Display -> Enable Touch Sensitivity)

Package includes:

1x Samsung Galaxy S9 Case Magnetic Metal Aluminium Case


MAGNETIC BOND: Designed with Multiple Magnetic Contact points to allow for a Strong Connection and to prevent this case from coming apart easily

2 PIECE CASE: The Metallic Aluminium frame on this case is broken into two parts that are magnetised together, while the Rear is made from 9H Tempered Glass

NO INTERFERENCE: The Magnets on the Case have been positioned as to not affect the Wifi and Reception of your phone

NATURAL STYLISH LOOK: This case has a Crystal Clear Rear designed to preserve the Original Beauty of the Phone while adding a Classy Modern feel

QUALITY MATERIAL: This case boasts a 360 Degree Aluminium Frame with a Rear 9H Tempered Glass for a Shock Dampening design

EXCELLENT PROTECTION: This case sits higher than the Screen and Camera to Protect from falls and scratches

EASY INSTALLATION: Super easy to install, just open the Case like a book and place the phone inside

PERFECT FIT: The case fits Perfectly around the phone

PROFESSIONAL PACKAGING: Professional packaging protects this case during postage (as seen in photos)

MAGNETITE: Our Case has magnetite technology to always shut perfectly

QUALITY PRODUCTS: All products we sell are of high quality just like this Case

Compatible with: Samsung Galaxy S9

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