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8 Piece iPhone Repair Toolkit
8 Piece iPhone Repair Toolkit

Phone repair 8 Piece Repair Toolkit - Metal

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Brand New High Quality 7 Piece iPhone Repair Toolkit for iPhone 7-11 Series


7 PIECE TOOLKIT - Includes 1x Y000 0.6mm TriWing Screwdriver, 1x #000 Philips 1.2mm Screwdriver, 1x Y2 Pentalobe 0.8mm Screwdriver, 1x Nylon Spudger, 1x Curved ESD tweezers, 1x Large Suction Cup, 1x Opening pick

MAGNETISED TIPS - The screwdrivers include Magnetised tips so your iPhone screwdrivers can easily collect and hold the screws in place

360 DEGREE SWIVEL TOP - Equipped with a 360 Degree Swivel tops on the screwdrivers to make it easier to turn them in your hand

QUALITY MATERIALS - The screwdrivers are built with Aluminium Alloy so that they will last you longer

SPUDGER - The spudger is anti-static so you can pull and pry without worry of zapping your device. One end is pointed and the other is flat to assist with pulling and prying different sized plugs

CURVED ANTI-STATIC TWEEZERS - Curved anti-static tweezers specifically designed for picking up electronic components and chips in tight spaces

ALL YOU NEED - These tools are perfect for replacing iPhone parts on iPhones 7-11 Series. It has the pentalobe screwdriver for getting into the phone, the suction cup to assist with lifting the screen, the phlips screwdriver for removing the internal screws, the Y000 triwing screwdriver for removing Y type screws, ESD tweezers for extracting small components, a spudger and pick for prying and removing connectors and a thin plastic card for cutting the screen adhesive.


Suitable for internal and external screws on electronic devices:
iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max
Huawei phones