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2A Wall Charger + Micro USB cable - White (combo)

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Brand New Wall Charger

Package includes: 
x1 2A Wall Charger plug 
x1 Micro USB cable

AU/NZ Plug: The Wall Charger will charge your device directly from the socket.

Sync and charge: For Travelling Use: The Wall Charger USB is detachable for data sync, provides easy data storage

USB Connection: The Wall Charger features a USB Connection which is almost universally compatible.

High-Quality: We guarantee you will be happy with this Wall Charger and its incredible quality

New: Guaranteed to be a brand new Wall Charger as we ONLY sell Brand new quality products.

Colour: White

* Output is DC 9V, 1.67A or DC 5V, 2A (Not fast adaptive)
* Color: White
* Voltage input 100V~240V (SAA, SDOC)
* Cord Length: 100cm

Wall Charger Micro USB Cable is only compatible with devices that have Micro USB Charging Ports

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