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E8000 - Glue 15ml
E8000 - Glue 15ml
E8000 - Glue 15ml

E8000 - Glue 15ml

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This super strong liquid glue is low odor,you can stick things at normal temperature.
It is suitable for many materials,such as metal,glass,ceramic,wood,stone,leather,PVC and more.
You can use it to stick parts during DIY jewelry or handicraft,and can use it to repair things.
It is easy to use,just evenly apply it on the desired place and press two parts tightly.
The glue is very portable and easy to store,compact and lightweight.

E8000 Technical data:

Material: Glue.
Color: Transparent
Glue appearance: transparent semi-fluid.
Solid content: 28% -35%.
After solidification Hardness: 70-85A.
Suitable ambient temperature: 15-34 Degrees.
Surface dry time: 3- 6 Minutes.
Full solidification time: 3-8 Hours.
Storage: stored at 10 Degrees to 34 Degrees.

1. may be irritating to the skin and eyes
2. Use in a well-ventilated environment
3. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water
4. Keep away from children, production operations, please stay away from fire