iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement


Here at Screenhug we have been supplying our parts to many D.I.Y and Professional repairers around the country since 2013. We have always provided the highest quality repair parts and service; that's why we have free shipping and a warranty!


• Specially designed to work with your iPhone 8 Plus
• Uses lithium-Ion technology to ensure maximum battery life and Power
• Voltage: 3.82v
• 2691 Mah

Compatible with:
iPhone 8 Plus Only

Package Includes:

1x iPhone 8 Plus Battery
1x Double-sided Tape
1x Pentalobe Star Screw Driver
1x Philips Cross Screw Driver
1x Flat Plastic Crowbar
1x Silicone Suction Cup
1x Safe Pry Tool
1x Guitar Pick
1x Suction Cup


-This is a third party product.

- Fast shipping 1 - 3 days Urban or Pickup in Albany!
- No extra cost for combined orders
- Trademe free shipping includes a $4 handling fee for returns.
- 100% NZ owned, GST registered company and website

*Warranty: 6 Month manufacturer fault warranty (part only); Sorry we can not be held responsible for any damage you may do to your device or to the replacement part, guides are for reference only. The only party who can verify the parts being faulty when supplied, is us. All products are tested.

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